You CAN grow stronger through crisis!
Don’t believe the lie that you have to be held back by it…

Finally, find your voice. It’s YOUR TIME!

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Led by trauma & relationship therapist, coach, and consultant
Amy Van Slambrook, LMHC

Our world is facing the biggest challenge of our lifetimes right now in the global pandemic. We are all feeling the unrelenting stress of it. I know you’re feeling it too as it keeps you up at night wondering how to take on even more than you were already dealing with; how you can possibly juggle all of the relationships and responsibilities in your life; how you can even come close to achieving your dreams and have the loving, peaceful relationships that are the heart of who you are. You’ve wondered if anyone else understands and, if they do, where are those other women?

In the StrongHer Through Crisis Program, you’ll have access to:

  • Weekly live online group coaching
  • A private Facebook community of supportive women sharing in your journey and progress
  • Expert guests on topics like faith, burnout, and health


In times like these, it’s a chance for YOU to focus inward and take stock of what you truly value and who you know you were always meant to be; to rediscover that stronger, more confident version of yourself

Now is the time to eradicate toxic patterns and learn how to thrive even in a crisis. It’s time to demystify your traumas and transform them into strengths with a program that heals your mind, body, and soul. It’s time to connect with other powerful women focused on the same goals, with the same heart and passion that you have – you don’t have to do this alone!

Don’t let this be another crisis that holds you back. Come out of it knowing you’ve:

  • Found your voice in your life and relationships
  • Broken the cycle of toxic behaviors in your life
  • Created a mindful and wise pattern of healthy, loving living
  • Developed a plan that will keep it all in place
  • Reconnected with the stronger version of you in an even bigger way

Times of crisis exacerbate all sorts of negative patterns and overwhelm; they bring up new aspects of past traumas. A crisis can feel like a foreboding threat to your personal progress. For years, you’ve felt like you have to hold everything together yourself. Your career, your relationships, even perceived mistakes from the past. You feel like you’re out of options and energy, and you just can’t take it anymore.

But the truth is, while you aren’t at fault in any way for the way crises and trauma has impacted you, you ARE the who can turn it all around. And there is hope for life to be beautifully different and so much better. In this Global Crisis, you’re also realizing the time is now to make that happen.

You are not alone in this crisis or in your battle.

You don’t have to take on the weight of the world on your shoulders.

The 6-Week Group Coaching Program was created to take the stigma out of personal and relationship trauma and, in the arms of a safe community of strong, loving and powerful women (just like YOU!) teach you how to take the lessons of your past powerfully into the present to create an amazing future. You deserve to feel heard, feel loved, and feel like the best, strongest version of yourself in every facet of your life, no matter what crisis or opportunity.

Join Amy and receive 6 Weeks of specialized group coaching, covering:

  • Defining Your “Why” and your “Who”
    • Break down your ultimate drive to make this change
    • Define who you want to become in the process
  • Identifying Your Relationship Profile
    • What are the most impactful and primary relationships
    • The impact of crisis on those relationships
  • Deep Diving Into Trauma
    • Examine different types of trauma and their symptoms
    • How crisis impacts your trauma and relationships
  • Meeting Your Inner child and Your voice of strength
    • Unearth your deep-seated and truest needs
  • Diffusing Toxic Behavior and Healthy Communication Patterns
    • Learn Amy’s techniques for dealing with toxic behaviors before they affect you and come through any crisis stronger than before.
  • Mapping Out Your Future
    • Develop a clear vision of what you want in your future, and how to get there




Our current situation holds a very rare opportunity: everything around us has slowed down. You also have the chance to slow down and think about yourself; use it wisely and become stronger when the world starts moving again. The Global normal will never be the same, and neither will yours! Join Amy and a group of like-minded women who are all wanting to become stronger and to empower one another to do the same. With the 6-Week Group Coaching Program, you’ll do it surrounded by a supportive community and a leader who understands your challenges because she has walked through trauma herself.


Amy Van Slambrook is a trauma and relationship specialist, who’s studied with the foremost experts in trauma, relationships, faith, functional nutrition, and brain health. Through her process of going deep into the messages of core, unhealed traumatic wounds, she identifies what’s holding people back to finally allow them to have a long sought after breakthrough and finally heal. Amy’s therapy and coaching clients call her rare, God-given gifts “mysterious” and “magical”.

Raised as a minister’s daughter in the Midwest, Amy knew since she was 9 that she had a God-given vision to help people and lots of passion to make it a reality no matter what it took. Trauma kept her silent about it for nearly 25 years — childhood sexual abuse, rape, emotional abuse, anorexia, divorce, losing her corporate job, and multiple chronic health issues that nearly took her life. But she never gave up, and soon living in the silence of a small life was unbearable. She went from working in a cubicle to a corporate executive to losing her job to building a 6 six-figure coaching & therapy practice over the last 10 years. For 15 years, Amy was worked to personally heal her own traumas through therapy and coaching. While working as a healthcare executive, she also went through world-class education & training to help others do the same.

Amy is on a mission to break the silence of trauma for women and couples all over the world and make people stronger because of it. Through online therapy & coaching, masterminds, and groups, she’s making that childhood God-given mission a reality, leading thousands of women and couples into the amazing lives they were meant to live. Amy is also a sought-after podcast guest, published author, and consultant.

It’s time to break the silence of your trauma.
Use this time of crisis to get back to your stronger self.

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