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I guide women and couples to heal from the pain of their past and discover the purpose and power within it.  Instead of feeling stuck and weighed down, your past can become something you may never have imagined it could be - your greatest asset (truly!). If life was feeling pretty amazing after having done the hard work of psychotherapy...and then suddenly it didn't feel so amazing, then coaching with me may be exactly what will help to tackle whatever is coming up and get you to the next level.

You may be experiencing relationship stress, re-triggering like the telltale “emotional rollercoaster” (exhausting, right?!) or even difficulty taking action to move your life forward even though you’ve already worked through so much. The good news? This is actually a normal part of the process of healing from trauma and it can be something we USE instead of it using us!

I come alongside you so that together we can identify and alleviate the trigger, set back, stuck or “regressed” feeling…whatever issues that come up after the initial layer of wounding has been healed. Through compassionate, deep listening and tapping into the insight your own body and soul are offering, we will guide you to discover even more strength. You’ll learn new tools, gain powerful insight and greater sensitivity to what you need in this phase of your healing and beyond.

The journey of healing is never complete, which on the surface may feel discouraging, and yet it’s in that lifelong journey that we can and WILL find your greatest gifts in life. “The healing is in the suffering.” We will help you learn to turn your trauma to treasure ©

Helping women heal and reconnect with their stronger self.


Taking the first step to deal with trauma in psychotherapy is a huge leap of faith and often if we feel “issues” reemerge later – months, years, decades; we can doubt whether or not we fully healed or whether or prior work was worth it. We doubt ourselves, we feel we’ve regressed because we feel triggered again or in new ways. These feelings and triggers can be confusion, discouragement, frustration, and even rage that “it” is back again. It may feel like even more work would be pointless, yet the emotions and difficulties can feel insurmountable on our own. Physical symptoms may be interlaced with all of this, as well.

We will work together to use this phase of your journey as a guide to further healing that needs to be done of the wounds that have re-emerged. Feelings of self-doubt, discouragement and even health/medical challenges will be heard, acknowledged and refocused to emerge feeling more like your stronger, healthier and healed self.

Most People Don’t Understand Trauma
and True Empowerment

Trauma is often misunderstood or considered to be something “other people” suffer from; something that our individual experience is “not enough” to qualify as being traumatic. Even for those who have gone through initial psychotherapy or counseling, the idea of having more trauma emerge (or re-emerge) can leave us feeling ashamed, broken, discouraged and hopeless…even doubting how well our prior therapy “worked”. I understand, I hear you, and I’ve been there.

Nothing is wasted in your path to healing and empowerment. What may be even more misunderstood than trauma itself, is the journey with which healing occurs – not a linear, “one and done” journey but one that wraps around real life and goes through ebbs and flows as only our souls can guide us. It has been my own personal journey, as well as my own professional journey as a trauma and empowerment psychotherapist and coach. You are not alone in your experience, and yet few use their voices to validate that, sometimes out of their own personal shame and confusion.

As your coach, I will hear where you are and what your body and soul are needing and there is no better guide than you. We will connect with the wisdom your body and spirit are trying to articulate, and after years of study and doing my own work, I have discovered wonderfully effective tools to allow you to do that in our work and beyond. My goal is always to work myself out of the job of your coach because no one wants to be in therapy or coaching permanently. You want to be able to live “normally” and freely again where deep work isn’t causing your life to feel like a rollercoaster; where your triggering doesn’t feel like it’s running the show but instead, your stronger, wiser, more loving self is

A Little About My Professional Background

My first focus is my passion for helping you and fearlessly coming alongside you to get you back to your stronger self. The greatest training for that is, and has been, in my own personal journey to healing and the gifts I believe God gave me. I also honor that you need to feel I have the professional training and expertise to guide you with security on your healing journey. I have had years of specialized training in trauma and empowerment coaching from some of the foremost experts in the field. I also received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology at the University of Michigan and a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Florida Gulf Coast University. I am a licensed psychotherapist in the State of Florida and a certified life coach.

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Taking the next step is easier than you think

You deserve to feel strong again and like all of the work and healing you have done thus far has made a difference in your life. Coaching together can help you do that.

It will help you be present in your life…the one you’re living day to day now, and the one you envision in the days and years to come. It will help you be present in your relationships, your work and with yourself. For trauma survivors, the last possibility is especially meaningful because trauma cuts us off from ourselves – from our truth, our trust in our own judgment, our ability to express verbally, and from our bodies. Trauma psychotherapy will help you to do that, and trauma coaching will solidify and magnify the work you’ve already done.

If you resonate with this and you’re interested in reaching out, I offer a free 15 minute consultation. We’ll pack a lot into those 15 minutes by talking through any questions you might have, explaining my approach and our process for empowerment and trauma coaching and seeing if we’d be a good fit. Reach out and leave me a voicemail or text at 305-814-0047 with some times that work for you. I’m here for you. You are one step closer to feeling better than ever.

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